Proposition One


Replace aging and inefficient air conditioning, heating and roofing across the district

  • Increase efficiencies by replacing components and systems that have exceeded their useful life
  • Every campus will be touched (except River Trails ES which is 10-years-old)

For a campus-by-campus breakdown, click here.

Replace and upgrade technology for students and teachers district-wide

  • Includes student and teacher computers, interactive whiteboards and network infrastructure
  • Short-life Assets (financed 5 to 6 years): Computer replacement and upgrades for students and teachers, interactive whiteboards, projectors and document cameras for all classrooms where appropriate
  • Medium-life Assets (financed 10 to 12 years): Replacement and additional network electronics, servers and upgraded support infrastructure
  • Long-life Assets (financed 25 years): Fiber connecting new buildings or structures

For a campus-by-campus breakdown, click here.

Relocate/Construct a new Career and Technology Center

Current Facility:

  • Building size is approximately 25,000 square feet
  • Originally built in 1971 for 200 students in four programs
  • Today, serves 975 students in 10 programs
  • District turns away approximately 200 students per trimester
  • Airport Freeway expansion will come within 30 feet of front door

Proposed New Facility:

  • Will be located on current site and reconfigured into 2-story concept to fit after highway expansion
  • Building size will be approximately 140,000 square feet
  • Will provide instructional space for various career paths in Animation, Architecture, Audio/Video Production, Automotive Technology, Collision Repair & Refinishing, Computer Technology, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Education, Engineering, Health Science and Law & Public Safety
  • Some Career & Technology classes currently located at Bell and Trinity High Schools will be moved into new facility to increase instructional space at home campuses
  • No new staff will be required

Relocate/Construct a new Auxiliary Services Building

Current Facility:

  • A portion of current facility will be demolished due to Airport Freeway expansion in the next five years
  • Houses maintenance, transportation and child nutrition departments - 524 staff, 100 buses and 90 support vehicles

Proposed New Facility

  • Will be relocated to new site
  • TxDOT has made offers to purchase parts of district properties adjacent to the proposed frontage roads for the Airport Freeway expansion
  • Any funds derived from the sale of district land and facilities will be used to reimburse the costs associated with relocating the facility


Proposition Two


Construct new Activity Centers at Bell High School and Trinity High School

Current Facilities:

  • Current high school facilities built in late 1960’s
  • Back then, district offered fewer than five girls’ sports and fewer than 10 boys’ sports
  • HEB ISD now has 31 athletic teams representing 20 boys’ and 20 girls’ sports
  • Current facilities are overcrowded

Proposed New Facilities:

  • Will be used by a variety of extracurricular activities: band, soccer, baseball, softball, drill team, football, track, tennis, P.E., cheer and color guard
  • Will include locker rooms, showers, weight rooms, laundry facilities, meeting space and storage for multiple programs
  • Will include a 60-yard indoor turf practice field and a full outdoor turf practice field that can both be used year round regardless of weather conditions

Minor renovations to Bell and Trinity High School

  • Renovate vacated spaces by programs moving into new Activity Centers and repurpose for other sports and fine arts programs
  • Expand spaces for athletics at both Bell and Trinity High Schools
  • Repurpose space at Bell HS for expansion of Fine Arts
  • Repurpose space at Trinity HS for drill team and cheerleading
Total Bond Proposal $136,495,000

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